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Parenting is such a tough job, and it's even tougher to do on your own. This is a community where other single parents can find help, support, or someone who understands them. We can help each other out, give advice, or just share isn't he/she-the-cutest-thing stories. And, of course, I expect there will be the occasional rant and rave about the child's other parent! It doesn't matter if you are a single mom or a single dad, all are welcome here!

The rules are simple:

*No hitting, kicking, biting, flaming, or name-calling.

* Different people have different parenting styles. You are allowed to disagree with each other. You are not allowed to start flame wars.

*Pictures of the kids are welcome! If there are more than 2, or if they are large, please lj-cut. Some folks are still on dial-up!

*Occasional off-topics posts aren't usually a problem. However, please try to keep the quiz results in your own journal.

*No community promos. That just gets irritating.

*No links to your eBay auctions or ads for items for sale.

*Please don't use the "screen comments" feature on your posts. This is a community, a place for sharing.

*Please don't colour your font. This can make it really hard to read your post if it fades into the background of our friends pages.

I will occasionally delete a post that violates any of the above rules. It's not personal.

Thank you hoping4serenity for the current icon! Want your icon to be used here? Tell me and I'll use it!

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