Zee (perfktpicture) wrote in singleparents,

My toddler wont play with toys anymore? why?

Calling All Moms...I have a problem with my toddler. Please Help :(
Well My daughter is now 27months & she wont play with her toys, I have noticed this habit has started 6-8months ago.
My husband & I use to buy her new toys once a month throught her main developing years, not to mention her grandparents spoiling her :P ...Then I noticed her playing less & less with her toys & wanting to be around me 24/7, I read it was a phase so I'd play with her more then average & spent all my extra time outside of work with her. She soon started her independence stage & still never went back to her toys. My husband & I started yardsaleing for all her toys bc it was just getting way too expensive to keep buying her new toys from the store & she'd never play with them. Half of the toys she's scared of. She doesnt like dollies or any toys that talk or sing.
She use to like toys that light up & play music but not anymore, Anything with tons of little pieces she scatters all over the house.

My husband deployed & I had to move myself to a new house across the US, i couldnt afford a huge UHUAL & had to get small shrimpy one that barely fit our two beds & a t.v. I want to buy her toys bc her bedroom is BARE, but i dont know what to get her bc she is soooooooooo picky. The only thing she likes is too draw & read. so i have her cardboard books bc she'll tear up paper books & i have to supervise her with crayons (yes even washable ones) bc she loves to "color" all over my walls. 
Im so frusterated, i want her to have a huge room full of fun activities but its not like I can ask her what she wants :/
Can Anyone give me any sort of advice
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