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How do you deal with a 10 year old girl?

My little girl's teacher caught her stealing at school today before she caught her school bus!
She was seen taking a soccer ball by another parent who picks up their kid and Miss S. called to let me know.
I asked her about it and she was just going to lie about it. I busted her and grounded her, all she did was say ,"I don't know", and cry-because she got caught.
I'm wondering if she was stealing for somebody else because she can't play soccer in the apartment and it's winter now!?...and how many other things she has stolen?
I also found an expensive metal water bottle I bought her in her schoolbag with a big cut down the side-her mom has been avoiding her calls for a week. I guess this is her way of dealing with her mom being a jerk.
My daughter has been through some rough times in the past 5 years, her mom gave her up to social services and I wasn't given custody for 3 years. She's been with me for a year and a half. Is there any other way of getting her to talk about why she did this?
I tried and she just gave me some more lies-she did this before, continuing to lie even though I saw her do something wrong and had proof?
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