Jackie Calypigia (ldy_shadow) wrote in singleparents,
Jackie Calypigia

Etiquette question...

Alright, so I'll try and Reader's Digest the back story necessary to ask my question.

I'm a single mother, and my daughter has known her father for only a little over a year, now.

He has taken what I have tried to make into an amicable, working alliance to raise our child and turned it into a very nasty custody issue, complete with lying, slander, intimidation, and false accusations of child abuse and neglect.

My daughter's birthday is coming up, and I will be having a party for her with her friends.

I have been told flat out by all of the parents of the children invited that if her father and his wife and other daughter (under a year, so no hurt feelings on her part,) are there, that they will not allow their children to attend.

The party is scheduled for a day that is NOT one of his days.

How do I go about politically saying "You, your lying cunt of a wife, and your baby can't come because you piss off everyone around you and you're generally toxic to the emotional environment."?

To add, I'm not going to prevent him from celebrating her birthday with her, I just don't want him at this party, since it won't be a party if there's no one there.
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