a new reflection of a woman complete (newreflections) wrote in singleparents,
a new reflection of a woman complete

I thought it would get better.. but its just not.

My son is almost 2 1/2. He FREAKSSSS out when I cut his hair. Sobbing, thrashing his head and arms all over the place.. its pretty ridiculous. Ive been buzzing his hair for over a year.. and I knew he wasnt going to enjoy it, but I kinda thought it would get better once he knew what to expect. Its not getting any better. He also screams and kicks etc etc when I cut his nails (fingers and toes) I do eveything I can think of. Ive tried staggering the days that I do these things on so its not all at once. Ive tried doing them all together just to get it over with. Ive stuck him in front of the tv, Ive given him "special occasion" toys. Nothing works. Now.. Im not a boy, and have never had my hair buzzed.. it is possible that it actually hurts him? That hes not just being incredibly dramatic? It baffles me everything how much he truly FREAKS OUT.

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