Christy (ava_cor_joy) wrote in singleparents,

Single mom blues

I need some encouragement from single moms out there. I feel very overwhelmed with life right now. I'm trying to be optimistic about this new year, but I am afraid. My son's behavior is getting so out of control lately. Terrible three's? He hits, throws tantrums, everyday it is a battle. Going out in public is humiliating. I'm trying to be more patient and not yell, but it's tough. Today I just wanted to give up completely and move away. I love my child, but it's so exhausting when you're alone. I have no help, and when I do get a break, it's not much at all. Evan is so disappointing. He didn't even get Corgan a gift for Christmas. He's such a shitty dad. It just all seems like a waste. I'm worried about working. Where to work. I need to make more than minimum wage to survive. Rent, groceries, etc. I don't even know how to pay for childcare. I can't apply for assistance until I work full-time and I'm on a waiting list. A long waiting list. I just need the confidence and strength to do this. Help. I need to help myself. I don't even have time to be depressed.

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