necrodancer78 (necrodancer78) wrote in singleparents,

Single again

Yes, I am back as an active member of this group. For almost 3 years I have been married to a wonderful man but we have seemed to find ourselves wanting a different life. We both agree that we make better friends than better spouses and decided to put our friendship above all else and seperate for a while and then file for the divorce. We have one baby together and he is the only real father my oldest knows, even though she was from a previous relationship. We will remain in close contact for at least 18 more years, hopefully longer. He is my best friend and I would love for him to stay a huge part of my life. We are not filing for custody at all, we are in agreement that he has them while I work and any other time that he wants to see them as long as it isn't on my off day and they will live with me. On holidays I see no problem with them going with him part of the day and then coming home to me. I think we are being very mature about the whole thing and hope that we continue to do so.

Honestly I am really scared about this whole thing. I have never been on my own before, I have either lived with my mom or the guy that I was seeing at the time. This is going to be very hard to depend on myself let alone have 2 little girls depending on me as well. I know I can do it because I have been to hell and back during my 30 years on this earth so this should be cake...but I am still scared. It is like I am starting all over. I don't like change but I don't think it is fair to my family or myself to stay in a marriage that neither of us really want to be in.
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