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Nothing for Christmas

Being a single parent isn't always easy. Let's face it...if you are here, you know this. This year has been tough financially for almost everyone. I know this. I found myself on disability this year for over 6 months. Besides being scared every month about losing my appartment and my son to social services, I've lost track of the year. Now my son asks me everyday to get out the Christmas decorations. He's so excited about Santa coming and filling his stocking and putting things under the tree as in years past. I don't have the heart to tell him that I do not have a way to help "Santa" come this year. What am I to tell him on Christmas morning when he wakes up and everything is as it was the night before?

To add a new twist to our holidays, he has started supervised visits with his father recently. His father wants to try to get partial custody of him again. My son is scared to death. How could I send him back to his father's house where he was abused? I'm praying that my son will not have to deal with this during the holidays. IF we go back to court, I'm hoping it will be after the holidays are over. My son doesn't need to remember fear along with Christmas and New Year's. If you pray, please keep us in your prayers this holiday season.

Thank you!
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