October 28th, 2013

me being me

electronics and such

What all electronic devices do you allow your child to use? And how often a day? My boys are 10 and nearly 8 and we haven't given in to letting them have phones or tablets yet. However, we are getting the 10 year old the iPad for christmas this year. He currently has an iPod touch and all we hear about is how the other kids have tablets. The 8 year old isn't really interested in tablets yet. I think for him he sees that as us being able to make him do homework simulations on. He does love video games. We have a PS3 and a Wii, but they are only allowed to play those on the weekends currently. Do you allow week night play time? We have a lot of activities and by the time we get home there's really only time for homework, bathing, and eating. So they don't really fight us on that one.

Weekends I guess it varies. I've setup "wifi password privileges" and they have to do certain things throughout the week to get the new wifi password. This really motivates the older one b/c he wants to game and be accessible to all his other buddies.

So any feedback would be appreciated. Happy monday!