October 16th, 2013

me being me

kids and divorce

So how do you handle the resentment from your child / children with leaving their mother?
She cheated, granted, but I couldn't work it out and now my 10 year old blames me
b/c she's just become more engrossed into her career. They live wtih me b/c her work is demanding (attorney)
and her career is very important to her. She picks 3 days a week that she stops by and hangs out with them and when she leaves my oldest tells me over and over how he hates me. It's been since well...I guess June when she moved out. The 7 year old just laughs about her almost. He makes comments to me and brother "oh, you know she won't come" or "you know she forgot..."...and that breaks my heart hearing him lose hope. I don't know.