June 28th, 2009



I've tried the, no more diaper and put panties on my lil one. She took to it fine for....a handful of days then it backfired. She'll pt her panties on in the morning just fine, the day will progress just fine....I'll ask her if she has to go to the bathroom to pee or poop, she'll respond with "No". Then 5...maybe 10 minutes later I hear her taking a leak on the rug. I sigh, clean her up clean the rug and put fresh panties on her and ask her why she did it. She'll just look at me and smile and ignore me. I'll ask her "Where do you go potty?" She'll respond with "Toilet!" but..she ends up pissing on the rug. If she's wearing a dress, she'll lift it up, squat on the floor and piss. She'll do the same when she has to poop. I've thought about putting her back in diapers for the time being and trying again later. But I'm getting massive pressure from my mom to potty train her fast. I don't know what to do. /sigh

Another problem I'm having is trying to teach her to write. I know she's only 3 and I don't remember what age that they should learn to do that. But I'm left handed and she's right handed. My mom keeps throwing it in my face that Sammie's cousin can already write her name and read a little bit. She's(my mom) isn't even around that much. She's at work all day, and sometimes she'll go to her boyfriends house. So I'm the only one doing all of this and the pressure is starting to cause me a shit ton of stress. I can't do this all by myself I really can't but I have no choice. My brother works, and sleeps all day so I can't ask him to help me teach Sammie to write because he's right handed. When I told my mom I if she could help Sammie, she started bitching me out even more. Hell, she's even threatened to call Child Services on me because supposedly I'm not taking care of my own kid. She makes me feel like I'm not a good enough parent to my own kid. And we've talked about her treatment of me but she doesn't seem to care.
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