December 10th, 2001

Jeff's Bitch *glee!* goma_ness

Does my heart ache too much?

Well, I said I would never date again because of the past, but something strange happened to me this weekend. Now, I know I've had small crushes and stuff, but this was strange.
I went to drill like any normal weekend, but I had class this month. There were a lot of people, but there was this one guy from Arizona that was there. We struck up a conversation and I REALLY like talking to him. But seriously, he had to leave class early today and I was actually dissapointed to see him go...I've never been dissapointed to see someone I hardly know go.
What is this strange thing? Am i just extra lonely right now? Or do I really like this guy? I don't know, my logical explination is that I think he'd make a really good friend.
I'm just not sure if I'm lonley because of being a single parent or what. Don'tcya love being confused?
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Jeff's Bitch *glee!* goma_ness


Okay, this is one of many, but I haven't uploaded the other ones yet. Here is my angels Christmas pictures.
She sure was a booger today though! It was almost like pulling teeth to pull this off.
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