November 29th, 2001


I'm cranky this morning. I think it's because I am tired. I got used to sleeping till 7am and this week, have been getting up a little early. Yes, I am that sensitive about how much sleep I get... and I can be a real B-I-T-C-H if I am tired. :(

It doesn't help that my 7 year old whines, instead of talks like a normal 7 year old. Instead of just asking me for a piece of cheese for his sausage sandwich, he WHINES it. VERY irritating. Kinda like the sound of nails scraping a chalk board... especially if that is all you hear the majority of the time.

Dinner went well last night. I feel kinda bad because every time Todd's parents come over, his mom brings me some kind of little gift. Last night it was a Noah's Ark bracelet. Very cute... and his dad brought me some white gravy mix that he says is THE BEST! ;-) The latest scoop is, Todd's sisnlaw is pregnant. I don't know any more than that.

I'm out of Coke so today I will either have to go to the store or do without. I need some tape too... so I can start wrapping Christmas presents. I actually ordered a few online this year... Much easier. Especially when the main store in town is a Wal-mart. I am not saying Wal-mart has junky stuff or that no one wants anything from there, but I just like to try to get more unique items, or things they can't get themselves. Last year I got a bottle of perfume that is not sold in any stores that I know of... by ordering it online. She was shocked!

I can't wait to share what I got Todd for Christmas, but since he reads this, I can't :( I'm having the hardest time picking things out for my 5 year old son. I don't know why... Lately, all he is interested in is the N64... or computer games. Forget toys. But I just don't want to only buy GAMES! I did find a cute Lego box game.... it says ages 7 and up, but since I would be playing it with him, I think he could handle it. So I ordered that.... from Current of all places. (They have such cute stuff!) I got Zack (my 7 year old) a Gameboy Advance and a game (Harry Potter) for it. That's all he is getting! Dylan just got a tons of toys for his birthday and I haven't really seen him touch them, so I hesitate to spend alot of money on toys. *sygh*

Dylan also does not believe in Santa. Last year his dad took the liberty of telling him Santa is not real. WHY he did that, I don't know. Dylan is only 5... Zack still believes and he is 7. At least, if he doesn't believe, he has said nothing to me about it. Dylan just says it matter of factly, "Santa is not real".

I really can't remember the year I knew he wasn't real. I do remember being awake one year and peeking out my bedroom door as my parents put our toys out... When my brother and I got older, we learned to be sneaky and untape our packages and retape them so no one knew we peeked in them... I know, we were awful!

This is going to be the first year that Zack and Dylan get presents for people, from them. Zack has some little shop at school this Sat. where they help the kids pick out cheap gifts and even wrap them, so I am going to give him some money and a list of those he needs gifts for so he can get them there.

I have to go take the munchkin to school... Ciao!