November 16th, 2001

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It's been awhile since i've posted here! so many things are changing in my life as i'm typing this. we are moving to slp next week. my landlord/roommate has been nothing but a jerk. such a long story, won't even bother, some of you are aware of the situation. everything seems to be falling into place. this was a very difficult thing for me to go through, but i've made it so far, much thanks to Scott! he truly is heaven sent. caitlyn is with bill this weekend. they were planning on seeing harry potter this weekend, but it practically sold out for the entire weekend. total madness! scott and i were thinking about trying to see it ourselves, but i don't think that is going to happen.

i need some advice.....since i will be moving, very soon here. my question is? do i let caitlyn finish out the school year at where she is now? or should i just transfer her mid year. i do love the school and teachers at where she is now. but it will be very difficult for me to keep taking her back and forth. some moments, i think it would be best to transfer schools. there are a lot of kids in the complex that we are moving to, so i think it would be nice for her to be able to go to school with some of the kids she will be living close to? bleh....what do i do?

i must be PMS'ing! i have tears in my eyes, just thinking about this and that. i tend to beat myself up when i need to subject caitlyn to another change in her life. she can only take so many changes, even thou she seems to acclimate just fine. but what if she doesn't this time, what if this is the last straw for her. i feel like such a failed parent. i hate change, i hate conflict.

i think my teeth are going to rot out....i just ate a giant box of mike and ikes tropical typhoon in about 45 min. unless my co-workers were sneaking some while i wasn't looking, hmmmmm
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