November 9th, 2001

love me.

a little help from the parents?

i have a problem.

my son isn't eating as well as he should be. according to the development book (i know those aren't the law of how baby's act) he should be eating 6 - 8 ounces per feeding a few times a day. the problem is that i'm lucky if i can get more than 3 into him.

how this becomes a problem is this.. last night i put him down at 10pm (his normal bedtime) and he woke up 2 hours later to eat. so i made him a nice 6 ounce bottle. he ate 2 ounces and wouldn't take anymore. he passed out. wouldn't wake up again. so i put him to bed and followed thinking maybe he just needed a little something in his belly and that he was down for the night. well he wakes up 2 hours later (2:30am) hungry again. this time he takes 4 ounces before he won't eat anymore and again falls fast asleep. now. 6:30am he's up again and just finished his bottle. he had 3 ounces.

i think he's eating enough. if you add up all of the ounces per day. he goes through about 6 -7 feedings a day but it's insane having to feed him this often especially since just a couple weeks ago he did go through 6 ounce bottles.

i don't know if i should call the doctor to report the drastic change or just start to deny him feedings and make him wait until he's hungry enough to eat a decent amount at a time.

he's formula fed by the way. soy milk. and he's almost 3 months old.