November 5th, 2001

"So Much.. So Little.. And in the end it' still the middle." ME

I awoke to a NASTY headache. The kind I would normally be yelling and screaming at the kids with. But today, It hurts to even think. JD woke up and cranked the heat at some Godly hour, leaving me under 3 blankets, in Velvet nightgown and my Heat vent cranked open. Damn, My head really hurts.

What is it with time of year?? Seriously, all my friends have broken hearts, spirits, or the like. Holidays leave us searching for something better, reminding us of what the perfect life is, and Friends I want you , being OLD MOTHER HEN, NO one has that perfect life. The ones you do think have it, LIE. Here we go..I'm going to ramble again. Us Lightkeepers have seen it all, guiding and searching.

Imagine if you can a 2 Story White Colonial, Pillars in the front, a BMW and a Volvo parked in the circle drive. From the street you can see the perfect Living room window, curtains drawn open, and a vase with flowers sitting on the Grand Piano. Go around the corner and you see the play sets in the back yard, neatly landscaped yard. White picket fence securing the land. puppy romping in the yard.. and 2 little toddlers running behind him. In the kitchen is where Mom is, cooking and baking for the nice big dinner. Dad is off at work, a CEO or some other job with the BIG title. Now I ask.. Sounds perfect?? Or what is going on behind those doors??

Poll #9076 perfect world or not

What is going on behind closed doors?

Dad is having an affair with his secratary?
Husband beats wife when he's mad
Mom is a drinker
Mom had an affair with the UPS Guy and is pregnant by him
Dad lost his job and is sitting at the park daily feeding the pigeons.
Dad signed divorce papers and is taking everything
Mom just sniffed her 3rd line of coke and is yelling at the Nanny
dad is sleeping with the Nanny and is going to run off with her
They are filing bankruptcy because Mom got her 5th DUI and hit a woman
Mom hits the children as a form of relief

OR give me your idea--

I think I would just like to see some ideas on this one so I am leaving this open to the public. I might even post it some place else.. Hum.. Single parent's room..
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Long Time No Post

Hey, it's been awhile. Hello again to everyone! Emilee is almost walking. She's a stinker sometimes but oh, what a cutie. Truly a Godsend. Sigh, well, I've got a pretty big work schedule this week and I'm going to miss her crankiness. Heehee, she's not always cranky, but still, she sure does scream when I tell her not to chew on paper. :) Well, I get to pick up her pics on tuesday or wendsday, which means cutting and sending and scanning and emailing....etc. Anyway, gotta jet for now, hey, light a candle at my site k?

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