October 31st, 2001

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I haven't posted in here for awhile.....taking a small break from work.

Caitlyn is doing well, for the most part. She seems to be doing well in school. But here lately she has been doing this "fibbing" thing- for example, last Sat morning, I came out of my bedroom and she was standing there with a piece candy ready to be shoved into her mouth. When she saw me she said "I've only had one Mommy"! That right there tells me, "nope I don't think so"! So, I asked, "Are you sure, Caitlyn"? She replied, "Yes, honest"! So, i looked in the garbage......and there were 3-4 wrappers in there. I was sooo bummed that she had lied to me. I asked her to throw it away and that I was very disappointed in her. Then on Sunday evening, she was doing something in my room that I did not approve of, so after standing there for a moment, I asked her "What are you doing"? she said "Nothing, I didn't do it"! Now I am mad! She did it again. I told her no ice cream or anymore TV tonight. She started to cry (me too. I then lectured her on the reasons why we don't lie, blah, blah blah. I explained to her that I can't reward her bad behavior, etc.... I think it registered, cuz she has been a joy the last couple of days-doing home work when asked, picking up after her self. OH Yeah! That's the other thing we talked about. Pick up after yourself, please! I told her from now on, if i see a toy(s) left on the floor for more then 15 min-then it goes in the garbage. So, if it's important to you-take care of it. I won't throw the good toys away, just letting her think I will. I've made up a pseudo garbage can. But the junk toys from McDonald's, BK and Wendy's....yep! They Go for real! I hate those little toys. Hmmmmm, maybe I need to take a closer look at out eating habits-OOPS!
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I just took my sweetie trick-or-treating. He was a cross between a vampire and the grim reaper. He picked out his costume himself. He looked great. I painted his face and what a little ghoul. It was so much fun. People just don't go much anymore. IT makes me kind-of sad to know what this world is coming to that we don't want to take our kids out anymore. We used to go and all night long all you would see were ghosts and ghouls all night. Not anymore. Though the malls and other places do partys now. Just a random rant. Hope everyone had fun with there little cuties. Have a good night.
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