October 26th, 2001


hi everyone!

i'm new to this community and am the mother of two beautiful and active little boys. i've been a single mum since february of 1998. however, if we wanted to get truthful, i was close to being a single parent even when i was married. i enjoy each day with my children, however, raising them alone is so disheartening at times.

anyway, i'm happy that i found this community and hope to share, learn, laugh and cry with you . :)


lucky me!! :)

since my divorce, i have been on a constant journey of self discovery.

in the past, i wanted to make men love me... it's a true sickness, and i've changed my way of thinking... thank god!

i use to think... well if only he would love me? maybe if he loved me, then he wouldn't have done those things? what could i have done to make him love me? blah blah blah

i opened my eyes one day...... i have two lil men that love me unconditionally. THAT IS ENOUGH! two lil men who care what i think.. who hold on to every word when i'm telling a story.. who tell me they love me.. and show it in every way!

that is enough! :)

look what I did

I created this animated gif of my son, Noah for my icon.. The pictures were taken this morning while I was letting him feed himself for the first time! It is so cool to be able to create something and make a memory even better! Yipie!!!
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