October 18th, 2001


Note to all members

I deleted heth333's advertisement for a community that was objectionable to some of the group members here.
I don't mind people letting other members know about sites or communities relevant to parenting, children, single parenthood ect. But let's use out heads, if you wouldn't want your own kids to see it while looking over your shoulder at the computer, don't post it here, please.

Thank you

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well my daughter just got her first dose of dishsoap. I had to pin her down to do it but she didnt like it and maybe the next time she thinks about lieing to me she will remember this. I hate to sound cruel but she is almost 5 and lies about everything. Time out doesnt bother her. taking away a toy doesnt bother her. There isnt anything shes THAT attatched to to care about losing it. and I cant say I didnt warn her this was coming. I knew she lied to me because after she said it she immediately wanted to know if i was going to get mad at her. She refuses to drink the milk at dinner. At day care she drinks several glasses of it. I have SEEN it. yet I give her a little glass at home and she wont drink it. SO I said sit there untill you drink it. She went and dumped it in the sink. I asked if she dumped it she said no. When I got up to go look she started crying and saying youre not gonna get mad at me are you? I just asked her if she dumped it (again) and she said no I drank it. And I asked her again and she said I dont know. and I explained that I wanted to know the truth and I wasnt going to do anything if she did dump it (shes already had the soap wouldnt do much good to do it again) so she finally admitted yes she dumped the milk. I told her when she lies she gets soap in her mouth and when she tells the truth nothing happens. I asked her if she liked getting the soap better than just telling the truth and nothing happeneing. she said no. I asked her which one she was going to do from now on, tell the truth and nothing happens or lie and get soap. she said tell the truth. let us hope she means it.