October 17th, 2001

Parental control program for InterNet..

Friend IMd me.. Thought I would post thei information...

Brat: came across this browser that has parental control... works with IE and Netscape too.

Brat: http://www.bouncefilterware.com/
I like this one cuz it lets the parent set up a password, so the parent can browse normally, but the kid has to log in and it blocks adult stuff
Brat: the kid(s) have their own password
Brat: My friend is set up with the net like you (has cable) - not using the ATT stuff. Now that the program is installed, a password has to be entered to access the net!
Brat: Thought you might check it out, and either post a link, or pass it on to other parents
SoccerMomof4boys: Will do

and here I am doing it!
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