October 16th, 2001

Not sure if I belong here .. but ...

I stumbled upon this community, and I thought I would join. My name is Leslie. I'm twenty-one years old and I have a two year old little boy named Ian. Currenly, his father and I are 'broken up', since he had a hard time keeping jobs, cheating and being all-around mean to my son and I. So, it's been since May of this year that my son and I left him to his own problems, so he could work it out and I moved out of state. I hate the idea of having my son away from his father, but he used to lie to his 'girlfriends' that I was just his friend and that it wasn't his son. This deeply hurt me and I thought he would get a reality check by us leaving.

I do have a new boyfriend, whom I'm living with .. but, I still ponder the idea of having my family put back together if his dad ever grows up. I still consider myself a single parent because I try to do everything myself and I feel we really are alone here.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Nice to be here. I hope I belong.