October 15th, 2001

hi all, new here, thought i would say hello

here is something i posted in my own personal journal not to long ago:

your father's name is andrew joseph thomas
his father's name is ronald joseph thomas
his father's father's name is robert joseph thomas
and, incidentally, his mother's father was named joseph andrew
in your family, it's been a tradition to give the middle name "joseph" to the first born son
that first born son then passes it down to his first born, and so on
your father's father, in addition to being named ronald joseph, was a raging hippy at the time his first son was born
he didn't feel particularly compelled to conform to such a patriarchal system of naming
so he and his wife named their son brian luke thomas .... luckily for your uncle since he almost ended up with forest as a first name
well then your father's father grew out of rebellion, as we all do sooner or later, and about that same time, your father began to grow in utero
so, to make amends, the second born child was given the traditional middle name
this second born, your father, set about his life like any other, and soon came upon your mother
the two fell madly in love, were married, and in time, had a child ... you
now, it was not immediately clear what your name was going to be. they even delayed the social security paperwork until they could decide upon something.
your mother wanted to name the child after the father
your father wanted to pass on the traditional middle name. he figured he was responsible for it now since he was given the name at birth
however, your father had always disliked the idea of a junior. a man needs his own name, at least that's what your father thinks
he was favorable to the name "seth", but your mother insisted on "andrew".
it was then that your father was reminded of this long line of josephs, and how most recently, before you were born, the family had lost both of its oldest
joseph andrew, and more recently, robert joseph were no more.
so it was decided, to honor their memories, and to prevent the horror of "junior" you would be forever known as:

andrew robert joseph thomas

and that, my son, is the story of your name