October 10th, 2001

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Need Some Advice here

Okay I just wanted some advice from you all....I am single yes with and almost 18 month old very cute little girl...well I have been seeing her daddy a lot lately and when we see each other well we end up in bed...Grrrr...I dont mean to but we do i guess we miss each other but then he blames me for it and says that I seduce him...I feel like Mrs. Robinson here but it takes two to tango so I know that I am not fully to blame.... I think that we might get back together I love him madely he loves me but has a lot of work to do in his life before we consider getting back together.....this is the question....do we still see each other or should i cut the ties a little more whiche i have been doing this whole year and thats probably why we are having sex because we have both stayed single with nothing for a year and we were both well i guess frustrated....I just dont want to hurt him or him hurt me or us hurt the baby or us have another baby....I just havent figured out what to do yet....HELP!!!!
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My Daughter Is Telling Me No!

Okay, Emilee learned how to shake her head no yesterday. It's very cute too. Until she tells me no! "give mommy kiss kiss" is promptly followed with a shake of the head and raspberrys. It really happens a lot when I tell her time to take a nap. When will the maddness end?
It's still really cute to see her smile and shake her head...but whats next? "Mine!"My Cutie In Tombstone!
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