October 9th, 2001

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Some days I feel like I am parenting just like how my mother did. Not that she did a bad job or anything. I think I've turned out ok. But earlier I took my own spit and cleaned Caitlyn's blue cotton candy covered face with it! I swore when I was a child, that if I ever had kids, that I would NEVER EVER do that, especially if we were in public! ACK!!!!! Or how about dipping the napkin in the water class and clean the face like that. UGH!!!!After I saw the expression on Caitlyn's face, I said I was sorry 1,000 times.

Tonight we went down to the Mtka fire dept for family fun night. Nothing finer than a fireman, yummie! We ate hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, cookies, candy....junk food!

Keep this for me
What child has not said this
And placed a treasure in his Mother's hand
With strict injunction she should keep it safe
Till he return?
He knows with her it will be safe;
No troubled thought or anxious fear besets his mind
And off he runs lighthearted to his play.

If children can so trust, why cannot we,
And place our treasures, too, in God's safe hand;
Our hopes, ambitions, needs, and those we love,
Just see them, in His all embracing care,
And say with joyous hear,
"Keep these for me."

Author unknown
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