October 6th, 2001

Single Dads Can Do It All

I agree that being a single parent is not sex-decimating. I know of many single Fathers who are doing it on their own. I, being a Soccer Mom have many friends that are Single Soccer Dads. I give them Kuddos and Cool Points for sticking around.
I would not take offense if a single father got on here and griped about his deadbeat x-wife who abandoned her children. I would back him up the same way i would a mother.Fair is Fair and that is the rock bottom of the situation. I can not be expected to talk great about my x's when they are all JERKS.
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Hi, I'm a newbie. Thank you Tracey for the link.

I am a single mom to a 10 month old daughter named Giavanna (Gia). I won't get into the crap surrounding her father right now, but I am sure I will tell you all eventually.

I posted this in my own LJ earlier today. Any suggestions? Sorry for the repeat post Tracey.

Any mommies out there ever experience *mommie rage*? I am normally pretty cool-headed with Gia, but today I just lost it. She is at that stage where she has to touch everything! She torments the cat, she puts things in the VCR, she dumps anything & everything on the floor, she has even found the keyboard for the computer & managed to push the right buttons to sign on! Today I just lost it. She was in the laundry room with me & quickly approaching the cat who was eating. Before I could stop her, she pulled the entire bowl of food & water down on top of her. So, she was not only covered in catfood, but soggy/wet catfood. I just went postal. I had just spent 3 hours cleaning. She was already crying b/c she was wet & I just screamed at her (something to the effect of) "I am so fucking tired of cleaning up after you!" I picked her up & put her in her pack & play & let her cry herself to sleep.
My question is...what do you all do when you know that you cannot handle it much longer? My only relief is my mom & she has Gia for me M-F while I am at work, so the rest of the time, I am on my own. Any advice on how to prevent further episodes of Gia & I both losing it?
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