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Single Parents' Journal
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Thursday, September 27th, 2001

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I think <http://www.livejournal.com/users/ethangrim> Ethan</a> made a good point today about the focus of this journal being mostly about problems we're having. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but let's put some lighter notes in here.
OK, here's my idea:
Everyone post the cutest/funniest thing your kid/s did today!

Current Mood: hopeful
My son is so cute he says and does so many wonderful things. I am so glad to have him. I just wish he would wear pants. I had a friend come out once and he was jeoulous because Michael was out in the yard in the buff. I get comments all the time. I asked him why he will not wear them and he looks at me really disgusted and says " They make my penis itch okay mom" I was laughing all night. So then I say will why don't you wear underwear with you pants. I guess he was done with the conversation because he said look mom it's my body I can do what I want. so yes I make him wear pants and underwear, but as soon as he is in the house, off they go. What a goober.

Current Mood: amused
well I cant think of anything funny they did today but one time I was teasing Chrysta that I wanted to wear her Barbie undies and in all seriousness she said you cant mom and when I asked why she said because your butts too big. I fell on the floor laughing after that one. And one time Cody (hes my card) told everyone at dinner that we were getting a baby next week (I told him we could think about a baby after mom finished school. I meant ALL of school, he thought well.....moms got vacation next week so I guess we're gettin a baby) I about died and my folks just looked at me like I was nuts. Once when we were eating I was cutting up Codys meat and he said mom when my mouth is as big as yours you wont have to cut up my meat anymore. lolol
alex is just 6 weeks old so he really isn't terribly amusing most of the time, but a few days ago he was laying down on his back and he was throwing his arms around. well he punched himself in the eye. this, of course, hurt, so he screamed. and then proceeded to throw his arms around again. and again he punched himself in the eye. the same eye. he gave me this look, as though to say, "why did you let me do this?!" and then put his arms down and turned his head away from me.

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