September 26th, 2001

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Hello, all. Just found this community, which I think is great. Doesn't seem to get much traffic, but better some than none.

I'm a single father, living outside the city and working in it, for a dot com - one that actually is doing reasonably well, fortunately. Having gotten laid off from my last job, and quit the one before that because they were on the verge of going under, I've got plenty of dot com stories. :P

My wife and I split last November, and I have both kids right now. We're getting divorced and doing the custody dispute thing, sigh. She's taken the time to visit them, in that time, less than 10 times, didn't call my older son on his 6th birthday to wish him a happy birthday, complained about how long the trip was to see them, and hasn't made any effort to help me - but now she's saying she wants custody of them. Sigh.

Anyways, I've got two wonderful boys, one turning 2 in November, one just turned 6. I'm struggling my way through life, going through a rough spot, but getting by. And, em, well, that's it.
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