September 17th, 2001


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I live in MN far from the mess in NY. My family and I are all safe but I have been extremely lazy about posting here and in my own lj. My son has been having nightmares since all of this happened. He was asking his dad if he had to fly (he doesnt). We had a birthday party for him on Friday since his birthdway was actually on Tuesday and noone was in t he mood for a party. He had his cousins and a couple friends over. Eric came home for the weekend and brought Josh too. Cody and Chrysta LOVE when Josh comes. He is 15 though and isnt always thrilled to have the company of a 7 and 4 year old. But they always have a good time when Josh comes. He is such a good kid. It is so nice that Erics kids and mine all get along very well (and that they get along well with me as well) Its especially nice because Eric and I have decided to get married. As of now the date stands at June 8, 2002. That is subject to change. but hopefully not too much or we wont be able to get our Pastor to do the ceremony. I have to run to a dentist appointment shortly here. I had to miss a class to go but I made up the work already so it isnt a big deal. Well I just wanted to post and say I was thinking of you all.