September 16th, 2001


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Well trying to get my kid to put his clothes on. WE are going to the library to get some books and some videos. Then I can study some more for my test. It is going to to be fun. He sure is a stinker. Tracey and I and him went to the fair (thanks to Tracey) and we had a blast. It was the most fun we have had in a while and a very needed distraction from school. He got to go on the bumper boats, the pony ride, and had cotton candy and a snow cone. I thought it highly funny that as my son is chattering a mile a minute about this and that my friend looks at me and says "Cindy he is ADD and you just need to accept that" I have known awhile now and have accepted it but I was waiting for her to say that because she knows how much I have fought with it. He surely is the best though and I love him so much. he just adds alot of spice.
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