September 14th, 2001


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I guess in spite of all the tragidy the world does still go on. It hardly doesn't seem fair though does it. I have been so busy. I took my first nursing test for the semester and I got and 82%, considering 1/3 of my class didn't get the needed 75% to pass it I feel very good. It is so hectic. It seems I have no time to think of hardly anything else and if I do I feel guility about taking time away from my studies. The good news is I think I found a way to keep my child from running away from home. I have a sticker chart and when he earns five stickers he gets two dollars to spend anyway he wants. It has worked great so far. He is such a sweet baby boy and I can't believe that in less than a month he will be five. Oh my goodness. Time does fly. I can't believe that I will graduate this spring. I am so excited. My son is playing in the mud as we speak. What a boy and he is all boy. He is alot like his mom I loved the mud. IT used to irk my mom to know end though when I would come in and be a huge mud ball. I figure you can always put him in the tub when he's done. Well I must go for now. Just wanted to say hi, and all.
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Everyone OK?

Just wanted to check in and make sure everyone is all right. If you are a member of this community, could you please write a short reply or post...something?
I don't know where you all live so I don't know if any of you were near the chaos, so please check in if you can!
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