September 10th, 2001

what to do??

ok its been a real long time since i posted, its been a hell of a month, i changed jobs,getting ready to change again,still trying to figure out how to raise two kids and still have a life of my own. any ideas??
so am i like the only single dd in here? this might get intereasting...ive read a lot of the posts in here and everyone seems to be bashing the father, so here is a bash on a mother, maybe someone can relate.
i have been divorced almost a year now, i have full coustody of my two wonderfull chlidren. my ex really hasnt had much to do with the kids in the last year, hasnt paid a dime in child support, she lives like a freaking no running water, uses cups and bottles for a bathroom, grows pot in her liveing room, gets so drunk that she has to be taken to the hospital because she is spazing out and foming at the mouth, whould rather be a whore then be around her kids. i have yet to figure out how a person could carry a baby for 9 month go thru the painof child birth then just up and walk away.
hell i dont even know where to find her at now if something would happen to one of the kids, last i heard she took off to AZ. but i guess the farther she gets away from my kids the better off we are, the bad thing is one of these days im going to have to explain all of this to my children... what am i supposed to tell them..."your mom wanted to be a whore instead of a mother"??
oh well i guess i have a few years to figure that one out.
well i guess ive ranted enough for now, im sure ill come up with more time ill try to be more positive bout things.
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