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Single Parents' Journal
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Thursday, September 6th, 2001

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Caitlyn seemed to have a better day at school. She made some friends, like I knew she would. She has a very nice teacher. On the first day of school, she called all the kids, not the parents, to tell them that she was very excited to have them in her class room.

I just sent off the registration forms for her to play soccer. I also signed up to be a coach. I hope I don't regret this. I don't think I will. While she was in Kindergarten,we were in Girls Scout, and I was "Troop Leader". My assistant was worthless, so I did not enjoy to the "fullest extent of the law!" We got a notice from the school about Girls Scouts, do I dare? Maybe it would be better this go around.

I think I'm going to go get my navel re-pierced this weekend. They had to remove it when I had surgery 2 weeks ago. I can't wait for Sunday.....Vikings Football! wOOt!!!!!!!

Current Mood: amused
Try it! You'll like it...
For all of us pro-breastfeeding, pro-attachment parents...
I promise that you'll enjoy it.

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