August 28th, 2001


First of many...

This is just an experiment, to see if they show up.
They look grainy on my computer, is that just me or is the quality bad on everyone's?
Anyway, let me know and I will upload some more of the 8438757 wedding pics I have! (Also the honeymoon in Kauai pics!)

This is when Craig first turned around and saw me in my wedding dress

Yeah, I'm a sucker for those long trains!

This is my maid of honor and best friend, Cindy, who most of you will recognise as the live journal member CindySue


Honeymoon pics!!!!!

This is the condo where we stayed in Kauai.

Our lanai. There are 2 cardinals in the picture, they stuck around all week because I fed them.

The view from our lanai, on an overcast day

A really cool beach!

View from the huge canyon on Kauai

Craig took this while I was dozing. I almost didn't post it, but I thought maybe this will give me the incentive to lose those last 10 pounds

Me walking the beach in Kapa'a

The lighthouse at Kilawea


Craig and I at the canyon

A few people we met at our condo. Tiffany, Wayne, myself, Craig, and Barbara. (Leah and Glen are out of camera range) We all met at a bar for a drink every night

Craig and myself with our favorite bartender, James
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