August 18th, 2001

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Merry Meet!

Sorry I never replied but my life has
been very  busy. My baby Son; Kaleb  who is  2yrs nearly Left us.
I took him to the Doctors due to a  Sick lil' boy he had become, It was
originally like a cold then stopped  and seemed like a virual bug so I took
him to the doctors who said  the same thing ' A virus He s getting over,
It's  had the worse of it  he'll be fine do the same as you have ,
Paracentmol and keep his fever down.

 So back home  but that
night He ended up in my bed    feverish and  His lil' heart I
could hear  thumbing in his lil' Body It was all very scary and
My   gut feeling was 'this ain't no virus He's worse!" However he
seem to settle and relax so  I thought   We'll see how he is in
the morning,  Morning came and like the past few days he wanted me, 
held hold,  hug not let go. I  Had a Weird Feeling come over me, I
looked in his pale uncolored face and Told my mom 'I'm scared
He's    Gonna die' She knew I was   In a tough spot, I
had 3 other kids to see to and she took it  Upon herself to help, She
looked and  without  a word called the doctor back told him what 
was  and reported my gut feelings, She  was told to take him in so She
did while I got My other 3  Sorted out for school  tears and all
Worry, Lucky she had, Doctor said any later and he would not  Be here and
that he had Pneumonia. He was placed in to Hospital over night, My mom stayed
and   he was given antibiotics where he   stated to get
well, The next day he was  bright and alert and was allowed home. So 
Here  we are again with my baby  Doing well being Himself once again!

blessed be

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