August 12th, 2001


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I just wanted to say that Tracey's Wedding went off beautifully. I won't say too much because I don't want to steal her thunder. It was wonderfull and she looked like Cinderella (after the fairy God Mother helped her):) I can't believe how well it went. I cryed and cryed. It was beautifull. I am honored that I was the maid of honor and was a part of it. Oh and I caught the bouquet, of course she practically threw it in my arms. I Love her and Craig. I wanted to say they are a wonderfull couple and deserve the best. I watched as they started on there first date until today. They truly are meant for each other and I believe they will make it until they are 90 and can't see each other or hear each other anymore. I wish them the best and if Craig moves her away from Spokane I will kick his little ass:} Well love and best wishes to the newly weds.
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