August 6th, 2001


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My little one looks so cute with the hole in his mouth. He is wondering where his asshole father is. He promised(JOKE) to see him in the next day or two that was two days ago. Still no word from his daddy. I HATE that jerk. He did so much to me and the people I love. I have tried to live my life not being bitter. It is so hard. HE does what he wants when he wants and maybe sees him once a month and that is giving him the benifit of the doubt. He just doesn't care about anybody but himself. IT is always someone else's fault for his problems. Did I mention he is getting divorced from wife number 3 when he tried to choke her to death ( I should also add he is only 28). I am glad to be rid of him and I really do have a good life now (After surviving my father and him) I just wish he would get out and stay out instead of this in and out shit. I get left putting our child back together and do it without bad mouthing his dad. It is so hard. I am good though and I leave my feelings for him away from my son. I won't lie either though. The other day Michael asked why dad and I aren't together and I told him " Your dad couldn't be nice to me so I couldn't be married to him anymore". Well anyway enough of my bitching I need to put P.J.s on my son.
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