August 5th, 2001


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I am so excited, Michael lost his first baby tooth today. I can't believe how big he is getting. He can't fall asleep now because he is waiting for the tooth fairy. He is so cute. I love him so much. I am finally excited for school to start. I think I have psychied myself up for it now. I will be glad to have this school year done. I get a toyota four runner for graduation. Yea Hoo. My son's cousin is in town and they are having a blast playing with one another. Well I just wanted to do a quick update.
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     I'm a 27 Year
old single mother Of four precious gems. Jayne (7yrs), Cheyenne (5yrs), Sean
(3yrs) and Kaleb (2yrs). Their Father  And I ended our marriage two years
ago in October, (we're awaiting finalization of Divorce, As Within New Zealand 
you must be Separated for two years before you can apply for divorce) I can Not
have anymore children as I had my cords done when I had Kaleb. Four mouths after
he was born My Ex Husband decided to  pick a four day fight only to 
ell his Dark Secret on the forth evening which shattered what we had  to a
million pieces. (Unlike many My Story isn't that my hubby had another women, it
was far worse!)

   Recently I left the
Gisborne District to Whangarei, Which is  in top of he north Island, in the
Northland District. My Eldest Daughter  is at the age of asking questions
to learn and understand  Why Mama and Daddy are no More together, (but How
do you tell a child About Bestially, you can't not at this age Anyway  But
that's My  belief) My second Daughter; Cheyenne  has  Been the
Problem child  since  their father    revealed his
Secret and   ended our  position as a "family"
While  my eldest Son; Sean never talks about his father but he does care..
(amazing how a 3yr old knows  what is going on about then huh) While
sad  but true my youngest  Doesn't Know and all he does know is 
his father has never been in his picture.. (   our Family broken up
when Kaleb was only 4 months old, However I know It's not his fault and I intend
to teach all my children this.)


I guess I'm also lucky to know what
this position of a "Single Parent is like, my mother was a single parent
after my father walked out on us. I was 11   then. but It helps to
know How  your children may feel...

Any way I'm A happy go lucky
Kiwi.  tell things How I  think need to be said and I'm up front. I
like  jokes,  humor and  my interests range from shopping,
Spending time with my family, music, Spending time with y boyfriend (he and I
been a couple for 5/6 months now..  His LJ is at effcee . Mingling
and  interacting with Others.

I'm also pagan but I do
not     teach any of my Pagan beliefs  to My Children
as I belief they should  have the right to   Learn and decided
later in life.

Brightest Blessings to you and your
Lil' people!


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