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Single Parents' Journal
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Thursday, August 2nd, 2001

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I am so tired. My wonderful four year old got ahold of the scissors again and boy does the dog look stupid Jasper (Tracey's cat) looks like a masterpiece compared to poor Ginger. I was resting and he was watching a movie and well there you go. I have been running my ass off the last few days. Yeah I have all my stuff for Tracey's wedding so I am set now if I remember the rehersal things will be great (kidding honey). He also likes to get into my cupboards and take out all the ingrediants and make Recipes. It is Ikkky. Boy do we have a mess to clean up later. Hey anything to entertain. Good news his cousin is coming for a week so he should have someone to play with as well. I am tired. I should go to bed now, but I needed to update my journal and see how everyone else was doing. So I did that now I am just rambling on so I will sign off for now.

Current Mood: exhausted
I notice there were some new moms and soon to be mom so I wanted everyone to know I am a second year RN student (Graduate this spring) so if you guys have any questions or concerns related to you or you babies let me know I may not be able to help but I can probably steer you in the right direction. Hey I spent 1,000$ on books so I can give you something. Besides my son is four going on five (he has two loose teeth already). So I can certainly give you the benefit of my experience. Trust me this one is a hand full. So let me know I will be glad to help:)

Current Mood: cheerful

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