July 31st, 2001


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I have been busy and running all over the place. Tomorrow is going to be worse. It seems that I get one thing done and then something else pops up. Sooo busy. That's life I just like to bitch about it. I can't wait for school to start so that I can be done. I am so excited. I can't believe I will graduate. I didn't think I would ever get there. I Will be a nurse. Michael is going to start pre-school soon he is not very sure about it. He is going to have fun though. It will do him good to be around other kids all day. Well Tracey's wedding i soon and I am the Maid-of-Honor. I can't believe it is so close (yes Tracey it will all be fine:)). It is going to be interesting with everyone and all the people. I have some anxiety about it. I am extremely shy and awkward in social situations. Anyway, enough of my babble I need to help Michael make a block tower and then he wants his bedtime story.
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