July 28th, 2001


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Okay now I seem to be feeling a bit better. I had a kidney stone and it hurts. Now I have little one off to sleep. I going to bed soon my own self. I had a rough day with the little bugger. He just runs wild it seems. I can barely keep ahead of what he is going to get into next. It is hard to keep up with a four year old. I wish I had some of all that energy. I am trying to type and watch "Thinner" on t.v. it is kind of hard to do both. I just spent all day cleaning out closest and shelves. Then the regular house stuff. I love my pets but I am sooo tired of all the pet hair. I am also allergic to all my pets so I have to keep it up. When they are shedding this time of year it is harder to keep up on it. I have to or my asthma kicks up really bad. Anyway I seem to be rambling so I am going now. Hi to everyone and have a good night.
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