July 25th, 2001


My 1st husband makes me sick. Now he is off Saturday and Sunday and this fuck's me up for childcare. He used to be off 2 days a week, then it went down to 1. I was able to work around that, but now he has NO days off and it messes me up. It is a good thing my mom is not working so she can help out for now.

Does that sound selfish of me? He could have at least told me that he might change his days off.

He is just inconciderate like that. My son had 1 week at the end of school where he had 1/2 days. I had to take off the whole week (I only get 2 weeks vacation). If that is not bad enough, his father WAS OFF that week too and didn't tell me. So we were both home and I wasted a FULL week that I could have saved for the 3 weeks he has before school starts or the week during Christmas. He doesn't think of sharing the load. What a feckin' jerk! URGHH!

Yeah, this is the Christian that goes to church every damn day, but still can't take care of his son. And where is my $450 for the camp? He still owes me that. Where is my $50 for the uniform. He still owes me that! This man makes $60K a year and the only responsiblity he has is child support! I make almost $20K less than him and have to care for 2 kids. I don't seem to have a financial problem? You know why he has a financial problem? He gives all his damn money to the church. Obviously, if he can't even scrape of $50 out of his $60K!

Can you tell I'm pissed!
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Is it really too much to ask him to clean out the cat box every couple of days? I even said I would pay him a quarter each time he does it. Do I complain when I have to make dinner yet again and do the dishes yet again and also the laundry yet again and I dont even get paid to do these chores. Nope I dont complain. I just do them cus they need to be done. The kid is nearly 7 years old and I really dont think I am asking him to do anything greatly difficult for him. Its clumping litter for Gods sake! Yet when I send him to do his only job I get nothing but flak from him. Given the option of going to bed early I think hed choose bed over a chore. I really am not a mean mom I expect them to be respectful but I also let them act like kids when its appropriate, like playing in the mud or jumping in puddles. But man, ask them to do ONE thing and they act like you asked them to commit a crime. Chrysta doesnt mind folding laundry with me that is her chore. But even she gets in her moods and refuses to do it. I am running on empty here. I am trying my best to do right by them as their loser dad doesnt seem to care either way. I am also trying to do right by me and get a college education. This doesnt leave much in the way of stamina or emotions. grrrr sometimes I get sooo mad!!!!!