July 19th, 2001


I got to work today at 7:15. That is early... almost TOO early! But, the earlier I go in, the earlier I leave. I kinda feel bad though. I am the only one who doesn't take a lunch (as far as I can tell) so that means, when I come in at like 7:30, I leave at 3:30... while everyone else who came in at 7:30 stays on till 4:30 or 4 because they took lunch. I mean, I do not get PAID for my lunch hour, so if I choose to skip it, I shouldn't feel bad for leaving, yet I do. *shrug* Just another one of my silly flaws I guess.

Work has let up some. Yon is back from Philadelphia and Myrties is back from her vacations. I hope that she doesn't have any more for a while. Meredith, however, just left for her vacation, and won't be back till the end of the month. She only works 10 hours a week though, so it's not as big a deal. Mike & Rick are also back from their week off. Mike had a summer class session for a week and Rick just took a vacation.

I found out what intersection Kevin was killed at. Very close to my parents house, and one I go by frequently. Troy & Parker. Michael was telling me he went there a few days after it happened and found a pair of riding glasses he loaned Kevin a LONG time ago, and they were in pretty bad shape. Apparently, Kevin was headed West on Troy and a car came out in front of him and Kevin ran into the car. I still can't imagine being Kevin's mom and being 4 cars away and seeing that happen and being virtually unable to do anything. Ever since I have known Kevin, he has not gotten along with his mom. His parents did not like Sherry, his GF, and for the past year and a half he and his mom had not talked. Well, that night he was at the hospital visiting his grandma, when I guess he and his mom talked and made up and stuff. He told her about how he planned on marrying Sherry, and loved Sherry (awwww *sniff*) and then 10 minutes later, he's gone. Also, the night before, was the first night he had spent back with Sherry. They had an on again off again type relationship and I guess were getting back together. He told her he wanted to have a baby. I was very impressed because Kevin's parents totally included her in the funeral. She was the first name listed in the obit. and she rode in the limo with the family, and they also told her whatever settlements they got back from any insurance she could have. Her and Kevin lived together and were together a long time. Had bought a house together, etc. So it was a nice thing for his parents to do for her.

Last night was a restful night. I went to the grocery store after work, and spent WAY more than I wanted to, but once I got home, I kinda vegged. I did some laundry, but other than that, I didn't do much of anything else. I played online some, took a long hot bath, watched Dawson's Creek and then read a book till I went to bed. I was feeling kinda anti-social so I didn't even call Todd for our nightly phone call. I bet he is mad today, but when I am like that, it's really best to not push me into doing something I don't want to do. So many of our petty arguements we have had in the past could have been avoided if I had just been left alone when I wanted to be. It would be different if he was here, to snuggle with, to hold, etc. but he isn't. And talking on the phone just doesn't cut it sometimes and sometimes irritates me even more. Does anyone understand where I am coming from?

More to come later. I have to do some work :)