July 12th, 2001


Well talked to the father...grrr..well him and his father are coming to the hospital tomorrow. I am so nervous about that. I can't believe he is coming. But he said that he knows he doesn't have to come but he really wants too. Amazing huh? He said he is going to have some vacation time next week and would like to come out to the house also. What is going on here? I am so confused. He seemed like he really wanted to come and see her. Oh well tomorrow is the big day. I am pretty scared about that too. Csection, needles, lots of people, JONATHAN! Oh MY!!!! Talk when I return. Lindsey
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I thought since I joined I would make that played out little spiel hi my name is entry lol. Well I am Sullen pointed. . http://www.livejournal.com/sullen_pointed . Single mom of two wonderful boys. My husband left when I was pregnant with our second live child. It has been one hell of a struggle. None of my friends understand , my family is barely supportive, I feel old and am 23. Struggling. No one gets the jist of who I am , how my life is, or what it is like to be a parent acting like a mother and a father but me around here. I am hoping to chat with someone who gets it. Hello to everyone. I am usually less melodramatic and more bubbly and a pretty nice person. Talk to you soon.
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