July 3rd, 2001

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well today is almost over, finally! work went well today, didn't do much of anything and still got paid for it. as or the rest of my life.... well it sucks, this single parent thing is about ready to give me a nervous breakdown tonight. both of my kids are being total brats, ny son wont do a thing I say, he absolutely refuses to mind, doing everything he can that he knows he is not supposed to do. as for my daughter...she hasn't stopped crying since I picked her up tonight, nothing I do makes her happy,, I've tried feeding her, giving her a drink, changing her, holding her, playing with her....but oh hell no! its still not good enough for her.
all I ask for is one freaking day to just be me, do the things I want to do, have time to just be a human again. is that so much to ask for???
anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with the stress? if so PLEASE let me know.
as for now.....I'm outta here
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