July 2nd, 2001

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hi there, im new to all of this,so please bare with me.
i am a 26 year old singal father of two. my son is 4 and my daughter is 20 months.
i have been raising my children by myself for almost a year now and i havent killed them yet and they havent killed me yet so i guess things are going pretty good!
im just trying to find some people that can relate with me on the singl parent thing, like most of you probally know, its hard to make friends when your trying to raise children on your own, and none of the friends i do have can really relate with what i have to go through since they dont have children. but hey thats life, right???
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Good Morning Everyone!

Hey everyone just thought I would say good morning and hope everyones Monday goes well. I hate Monday's personally but just think you might be lucky enough to get off for the fourth of July with your job. Hope everyone is feeling good this morning and wearing a smile.

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Thank goodness today is almost over...

What a long day it has been! I hope everyone had a good one. I am pretty sleepy I guess God is trying to relax me for this delivery I have coming up. Anyone happen to have an interthecal? What about a csection? My baby is too large they believe and I am going to have to have one. I am really nervous about that and hoping that I will do fine. I bought some of those stress balls the other day at Walgreens and hopefully that will do the trick. Oh well I am going to get out of here and get to WalMart to see if my pictures have arrived yet. They better have I put them in on Thursday!!!! SMILE :) !
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Why do I do things that I know will cause me pain?

Well here I sit at 10:00 pm and just tried to call the father of my child. Am I really that stupid and that needy. He abandoned me and I am trying to be his friend. But he doesn't want my friendship nor his own daughter I don't believe. So I give up. Why do I do things that I know is going to cause me pain? Why do I continue to call him trying to give myself something to back up on knowing he isn't going to pick up the phone when I call? Maybe one day I will understand that. Any maybe one day he will pick up the phone. Doubtful but I think he would be glad he did. Lindsey
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