July 1st, 2001

New here...

Hey everyone thought I would introduce myself since I am new to this community and to livejournal in general. I am an 18 year old soon to be mother of a little girl here in the next few weeks. I live in Arkansas and currently just staying at home and hoping to go back to college sometime in the near future. The father of my child is a police officer in the next county over from me but after he found out I was pregnant he didn't want much to do with me or his daughter that he is going to miss growing up. He left me the same day I told him I was pregnant in which was real hard on me but I believed in my heart he would come back before now but seeing how I have about 2 more weeks and he still hasn't came back I don't think he is going to anytime soon. Though right now that might be the best. He is 24 years old at the time I was 17 and he was 23. I still live with my parents and hopefully that won't last too terribly long because of the fact that I will pull my hair out if I have to stay here anymore. The worse part for me is how in the hell am I going to handle it when Mary Klaire says for the first time Where is daddy or goes to preschool or church and they make fathers day gifts then what? What do I do then? I am going to really find a way to do that without crying because I am just a big cry baby right now. I am single right now though I did have someone in mind but he is acting like a loser right now too so I am just going to stick with myself for a while that way I know I can't get in trouble with myself.
Being a single mother is going to be tough on me. Many of my so called friends bailed out on me when they found out I was pregnant so they weren't ever my friends. So I spend alot of my time on this computer that usually keeps me happy.
So feel free to email me or find me online in chat sometime I will always be more than happy to talk and more than likely I could use the company so go right ahead Please!


Mary Klaire Due date : July 13th 2001
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