June 27th, 2001

*thinking out loud*

I decided I need to come up with some daily checklists for me and the boys, to get us on a routine... So, I am just gonna play around with it here. I would love any tips or suggestions :-)

Morning Stuff:


*Get up

*Shower (get dressed)

*DEVOTIONS(while I dry my hair)

*Get kids up & ready


*Get up

*wash face & brush teeth

*get dressed and put shoes on

*put dirty clothes IN THE LAUNDRY BASKET

*Grab a snack for on the way to the sitters


*PRAY before we leave

Now I just need to start figuring out times for stuff... like how long we need for doing all this. I am thinking an hour and a half will do it. Maybe 2 hours. I am not used to doing the devotions in the morning. I'de like to spend half an hour on them though. (at least) Usually I get up, get dressed as I check my email, holler up to wake the kids up and have their clothes out and ready so they can get dressed and once they are, we leave.

Now, the evenings will be harder to do...
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For those who are single!

Right Now I'm Single!

As time goes on, and the days pass by,
I continue to grow, I continue to rise.
When I see my reflection, as I look in my eyes,
I see a miracle, that's bound for the skies.
Like a home cooked meal, I am fully nourished,
Like a brand new apartment, I've been fully furnished.
I am complete; I've been made fully whole,
I'm able to stand up, tall and bold.
Right now I'm single, which isn't so bad,
Till the world tries to say, that I'm pitiful and sad.
For not being married, or dating a friend,
For not being engaged, or in sexual sin.
For not sleeping around, with men here and there,
For not cheating on men, and not even care.
Right now I'm single, and that's perfectly fine,
Till the world tries to say I'm out of my mind.
For not being a playgirl (for I possibly could),
For not being corrupt, in my singlehood.
For not fooling around like many women do,
For not having sex or at least trying to.
Right now I'm single, living under one roof,
Till the world makes me feel, I'm missing out on my youth
For not having something to do every night,
For making me feel that I have no life.
It's during these times, that I look in my eyes,
And question God, if I'm living a lie.
Is being single really that bad?
Can you live as a single and not be sad?
Have I messed up my life by being alone?
Can life still be good if no mate comes along?
Should I throw in the towel in disgust and defeat?
Just go on and settle for whomever I meet?
Is my standard of equally yoked too high?
Is it too much to ask should I put that aside?
If I'm by myself does that mean that something's wrong?
Can I sing solo for part of my song?
Should I feel bad about who I am?
If the world tries to say I'm an incomplete woman.
Can the world really do that?
What gives it the right?
To see me and say I live a pathetic life!
For not having that special significant other,
For having lots of friends, but having no lover.
If I never do find the right one for me,
That doesn't mean I'm headed for a life that's empty.
From the world's point of view I must not be lead,
It should never replace what God has said.
I can't let the world define me as a woman,
On Christ the solid rock, I've got to stand.
Right now I'm single, which is fine with me,
Cause I think for now, God wants me to be.
And until I meet my lifelong mate,
I'll be content and learn to wait.
So, if you are by yourself, hold your head up high,
You're a miracle bound for the skies.
Until I meet my husband to be,
I'll ignore the world's opinion of me.
Being a single is a gift from God above.
It's while I'm single, I should learn to love.
So when I meet the perfect one,
I'll know the right time has finally come.
Not due to a lifestyle of perverted mingle,
But that I'm trying to do right, today, while I'm single.

-Author unknown
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