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Single Parents' Journal
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Thursday, June 21st, 2001

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Mother in Houston kills 5 kids
I am just in shock about this. I guess I am not "desensitized" to this kind of horror yet. What causes a mother to snap and kill her kids? Depression? Post-Partum depression? Lack of support/help? I have been through alot, but I would never kill my children. They are so innocent. They are GOD'S GIFT! A news article said all 5 kids had Biblical names. I PRAY that God snatched these children up. I really do. They did not deserve that. I can't even imagine what was going through their minds. I think about my OWN kids. Mine are 7 and 4. It could have been THEM! Not literally of course, but the capability is there. KWIM? How could a mother, put her own child, in a bathtub, and take it's life? I am sure there was a struggle. Especially with the older kids. WHY WHY WHY!!!! It breaks my heart. Those lives ended the way they were. And how does her family feel. How does the father feel. Can you imagine going to work and an hour later getting a call to come home. Going home to find all FIVE of your precious children dead!? THEN, find out your WIFE, the MOTHER of the kids, KILLED THEM?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPlE?!?!?!?

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