June 18th, 2001


yup, I tend to write a book on Monday. Prolly cuz I have been busy all weekend. Right now I just got done spanking my kids. Yup, I am a mean mom. *sygh* We went to this jewelery guy this evening. Well, the kids were horrible. They ASKED for candy, and well, that to me is rude. If people have candy for them, then they will give it to them. My kids shouldn't be begging every person they come across for something.

THEN, they were spitting at each other. In this guy's office. I am trying ot discuss wedding bands and wraps and my kids are spitting at each other. Niiiice...

So I try to separate them. Put Dylan in my chair with me and told Zack to sit against the wall in the hallway. He sits everywhere but... tries to act like he has NO idea what I am talking about. Pretty much ignores me. He knew EXACTLY what I wanted, but since I let my kids get away with murder, then they think they can walk all over me in public. I told Dylan to face his Aunt so he wouldn't be facing Zack. Did he listen? No.

So, then I met Todd's parents at Burger King. They are on their way to FL from IL so they invited us to eat. The kids were fairly good there. But as soon as we get home, they start fighting and stuff. So I lost it. I spanked them both for how they acted at the jewelery store. How would YOU have handled it?

I always like to hear how OTHER parents handle disciplining their kids. I think that parents are TOO AFRAID nowadays, to discipline their kids, for fear that someone will complain and call it abuse. I don't think spanking my children with my hand, 3-5 swats, is abuse. Not compared to how my mom would beat my brother daily with a belt as a child. My kids have it pretty easy. Especially considering I RARELY spank them. I hate spanking them. I feel like the meanest mom in the world. But, it works. It really does. All these kids running around, acting up and out, doing things they know they shouldn't... I wonder how many of them are spanked, or disciplined. I know with my youngest son especially, time outs don't work. What really irks me is when Zack tries to get away with doing something bad by getting Dylan to do it too. Much harder to take care of TWO kids misbehaving than it is to just deal with one... right??? And he knows this. Oh, I was really pissed. They should have known how to behave at the store for 20 minutes. I don't think I was being unreasonable. Maybe I was... what do you think?
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