June 2nd, 2001

A "My Kids Are Cute Story"

I wish I could come up with something, but they have lied to me the past two days and stuff so I am not feeling they are so cute right now...


Ever had one of those days? Well, imagine it as one of those WEEKS!!! Blah! Today we are going to my son's last soccer game of the season. Then we are going with my parents, to lunch, and then to this place called Wolfe Park. They do a "howling" at night to call the wolves and you can take a gander at live/wild wolves. Sounds interesting. Taking the digital camera as long as the battery isn't dead.

Then tomorrow its' clean clean clean because I have my oldest son's birthday party at 2pm and I have people coming over for it. And THEN at 6:30 they have to be at this church for VBS (Vacation Bible School). So I will get a break from them for 2 and a half hours while they are there. Then back to the grind Monday.

And the bummy thing is, I only got to see my fiance one night this weekend, and it's his drill weekend so our time was majorly cut. He was here at 7:30 last night and we stayed up just talking. Didn't turn on the TV, didn't do anything else. Just talked and it was fun. I got the giggles and just could NOT stop laughing! :) And then he got up early and left at 6:30 this morning to go to drill.

So.... I won't see HIM again till next weekend. *sygh*

So, anyway, maybe I will have a cute kid story for ya in the near future. Right now though, they are in the doggie house!
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